Sunday, September 27, 2009

Best. Lemon. Muffins. Ever.

I've been trying to work more stress-relief activities into my daily routine lately. Since baking qualifies as such an activity for me, I made muffins this afternoon. Tasty, tasty muffins from (where else?) Smitten Kitchen.

I followed the recipe for the raspberry-topped lemon muffins. I made normal-sized muffins since I don't have mini-muffin pans, but I think a boat-load of miniature ones, each with a single raspberry on top would be an adorable and fancy addition to a party/brunch/gathering. These would impress everyone, guaranteed. Anyways!

Let me tell you, these things are totally delicious. Like, I-want-to-eat-five-of-them-right-this-second delicious. They're a basic buttermilk/vanilla muffin batter with some lemon sugar (a lot of lemon zest + sugar crushed together) thrown in to give them some citrus-y goodness.

They're sweet enough without being too heavy, and the raspberry bites provide the perfect little tartness. They're also dense enough without being too dense (kind of like Joey on Friends! Wait, what? That is a terrible joke. Forgive me.) which is really great - it's rare I find a muffin that satisfies me so completely texture/density-wise. I also really appreciate that there are absolutely zero poppy seeds involved in this lemon muffin. Raspberries > poppyseeds.

Really, I can't say enough nice things about these muffins. I highly recommend this recipe, and I will definitely make them again.

Up next on the baking agenda, just in time for October: pumpkin muffins!

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  1. Those look beautiful (and delicious). Bravo! I have so many things to post. You've inspired me. I'm going to take the time to do it during fall break.